SO Sprag Clutch Torque Arms

Renold SO Sprag Clutch Torque Arms are made specifically for use in conjunction with Renold SO sprag clutch freewheels. 


The TARM torque arm range has been designed to fit SO clutch sizes 300 through to 1027.

The TARM torque arm is fastened to the end face of the sprag clutch using bolts but must be free of any rigid fixing at the chosen anchor point.  Rotation of the TARM torque arm should be restricted at the anchor point by either a pin or an angle bracket.  The TARM torque arm must also be free to move axially to prevent damage to the bearings in the SO clutch.

When using a pin at the anchor point, the diameter of the pin must be at least 1/32" (0.8mm) smaller than the pin hole (H) in the TARM torque arm.